One works hard, other profits and pays the price.

We represent our clients with a lot of passion and effort. But we do not do this for free.

If you want us to work for you then you pay our fees. As the law office we have to charge fees according to German attorney fee compensation law (Rechtsabwaltsvergütungsgesetz) or according to previously agreed compensation payouts.

Under certain conditions we can represent you for free.

Legal advice

We will free of charge and out of court advise you, if you meet legal advice needs (Beratungshilfe).

Essentially, the following conditions have to be fulfilled:

  • To have low income and a little assets,
  • That legal advice in your case isnecessary,
  • It is an extra-judicial matter,
  • That your legal protection insurance (if you have one) or similar does not cover you.

For example, Hartz-4-recipients usually will receive legal aid.

You can request legal aid in the responsible District Court (Amtsgericht) orally and in written form. For the citizens of Cologne the responsible court is the District Court Cologne (Amtsgericht Köln), Luxemburger Str. 101, D-50939 Cologne, legal application office, 3rd floor, room number 329.

You can find information about office hours of the legal application office at District Court Cologne here.

We want to point out that you have to look after the application for legal aid yourself. You should file request for legal aid before (!) consulting with lawyer.

If you want to make an oral request, please bring the following documentation with you:

  • Valid ID or passport,
  • Evidence about the case (for example Hartz-4 notice, termination),
  • Evidence about financial situation (for example Hartz-4 notice, complete bank account statement from the last month).

If you want to make request in written form, you can use this form. Also pay attention that you have to include appropriate evidence.

You can find more detailed information about legal aid here.

Legal aid

In court proceedings we can gladly apply for legal aid for you (Prozesskostenhilfe). Should your legal aid be granted, our judicial activity can be free of charge for you.

Legal aid is granted to those who

  • personally and economically are not able to pay for the costs of prosecution and
  • if a case has a chance of success.

If you want to apply for legal aid on your own, fill out the application form carefully and completely (link) and add evidence of monthly income and expenses, and submit it to the court, which will run your case (Prozessgericht).

You can find more detailed information about legal aid here.

Legal Protection Insurance

If you have concluded a legal protection insurance policy (Rechtsschutzversicherung), then it must be clarified first whether your insurance covers your legal costs. We will be glad to help you with that.

The initial contact with us will cost you nothing, of course.

Do you want us to work for you?

Then we need from you the fully completed power of attorney (Vollmacht)If you have advisory aid cheque (Beratunghilfseschein) or the legal aid has been granted to you, please let us know. Please send us the power of attorney and advisory aid cheque (if there is one) in original to our law office.


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